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Music Producer  |  Live Performer  |  Mastering Engineer  |  Ableton Instructor




Ableton Live Music Production Lessons with screenshare + audioshare


• Innovative production techniques, to easily create dynamic, mesmerizing sounds
• Inspiring compositional tools - Song Structure, Harmonic Analysis, Tension/Resolve, & more

• Advanced understanding of rhythm. Have any beat at your fingertips
• Professional Mixdown skills, combining aural development with reference point metering with dBFS & LUFS
• Producers music theory - Voice Leading, Advanced Chords, Keys & Modes

• Ableton hotkeys, advanced routing, templates, Macros & more time-saving strategies

• Technical knowledge - Bitrate, Bit Depth, File Formats, Metering, Mastering, Loudness Normalization & more

Choose from 3 formats:


#1: Send your project over as an .als or alp. and I will work on your track while teaching you. At the end, I will send you the updated .als back with improvements from the lesson.


#2: Choose an ATYYA track to explore with me, and I will teach you how to recreate anything you hear from it.

#3: Start a new Ableton project to learn how to start a track from scratch, navigate Ableton with more precision, producer's music theory, or anything else you want to learn.


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