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Music Producer  |  Live Performer  |  Mastering Engineer  |  Ableton Instructor




Mixing Price:

• $100 /Hr



send stems to: alongside any preferential notes you may have. You may also send a reference track with a mixdown you wish to achieve for your track(s). Each track typically takes 3-5hrs hours to reach its highest mixdown potential. A Deposit of $200 per track must be paid prior to any work being completed. After the Mixdown(s) are finalized the remaining balance will be payed. All payments will be payed via paypal to



This includes:


-Downloadable tracks in uncompressed .Wav or .AIFF files

-Email Communication addressing all details necessary to reach the highest potential of your music.


ATYYA Mastering features Tyy's highly trained ears, cutting edge digital software tools, professional stereo imaging, and a full mixdown analysis to ensure your song is mixed for optimal mastering results.



How to prepare your stems:


-All files are to be 24 / 32 bit Wav / .AIFF files with a sample rate of 44.1khz or higher, no dither.

-No clipping (volume exceeding 0dbFS)

-No limiters or compressors on the master channel



If any of these requirements are not met I will advise you on how to meet them and then you will resubmit your stems. I will not work with audio that does not reach these specifications as I strive to provide the best possible service and cannot do so if this criteria is not met.  




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