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Music Producer  |  Live Performer  |  Mastering Engineer  |  Ableton Instructor




Goopsteppa + Ill Chill

Kapok - Halo

TF Marz - Hot Boi

Blonde Onyx - Pure Heart 

Hakou - Without You

Goopsteppa + Ill Chill

Kapok - Halo - MASTER

TF Marz - Hot Boi

Blonde Onyx - Pure Heart

Hakou - Without You


Mastering Rates (In USD):

• $35 per song

• For Podcasts, Audio Repair, Noise removal or other specialty services, please email me using the button below for a quote. 





Click the "send Premasters Now" button below to email me your Premaster(s). Please include any details about your songs pertinent to the mastering stage, and/or reference tracks. Payment must be sent prior to receiving your masters. Please send payment Via Paypal to in USD. Note: I have a Canadian account so Paypal will attempt to convert the payment to CAD with a poor exchange rate. Please send in USD to avoid this loss. If you are unclear about the cost, please ask in your email. Turnover is about 1-3 business days. I will send you your Master(s) to the email address used. 


This includes:


-Downloadable Master(s) in uncompressed .Wav or .AIFF files

-Email Communication addressing all details necessary to reach the highest potential of your music.



ATYYA Mastering features Tyy's highly trained ears, cutting-edge digital software tools, professional stereo imaging, and premaster re-render notes IF any elements are outside of the preferred mixing range to ensure optimal mastering results.



How to prepare a premaster:


-All files are to be 24 bit .wav or .aiff files with a sample rate of 44.1khz or higher, no dither.

-6db Headroom on the final premaster.

-No limiters or compressors on the master channel



If any of these requirements are not met I will advise you on how to meet them and then you will resubmit your premaster. I will not master audio that does not reach these specifications as I strive to provide the best possible service and cannot do so if these specifications not met. I am looking forward to working with you.