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Goopsteppa + Ill Chill

Kapok - Halo

TF Marz - Hot Boi

Blonde Onyx - Pure Heart 

Hakou - Without You

Goopsteppa + Ill Chill

Kapok - Halo - MASTER

TF Marz - Hot Boi

Blonde Onyx - Pure Heart

Hakou - Without You

Mastering Rates (In USD):

• $30 per song

• 11+ tracks: $25 each*

• Alt Versions: $15 each
• Additional Revisions $15 each.*

*recent update

• For Podcasts, Audio Repair, Noise removal or other specialty services, please email me using the button below for quote. 





Click the "send Premasters Now" button below to email me your Premaster(s). Please include any details about your songs pertinent to the mastering stage, and/or reference tracks. Payment must be send prior to receiving your masters. Please send payment Via paypal to in USD. Note: I have a Canadian account so Paypal will attempt to convert the payment to CAD with a poor exchange rate. Please send in USD to avoid this loss. If you are unclear about the cost, please ask in your email. Turnover is about 1-3 business days. I will send you your Master(s) to the email address used. 


This includes:


-Downloadable Master(s) in uncompressed .Wav or .AIFF files

-Email Communication addressing all details necessary to reach the highest potential of your music.



ATYYA Mastering features Tyy's highly trained ears, cutting edge digital software tools, professional stereo imaging, and premaster re-render notes IF any elements are outside of the prefered mixing range to ensure optimal mastering results.



How to prepare a premaster:


-All files are to be 24 bit .wav or .aiff files with a sample rate of 44.1khz or higher, no dither.

-6db Headroom on the final premaster.

-No limiters or compressors on the master channel



If any of these requirements are not met I will advise you on how to meet them and then you will resubmit your premaster. I will not master audio that does not reach these specifications as I strive to provide the best possible service and cannot do so if this criteria is not met.


                                                           I am looking forward to working with you.


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